Yelp Elite Event: The Bird SF

Yesterday I got the chance to go to The Bird in San Francisco for my very first Yelp Elite event in SF! I've only been to one other elite event in LA and that one was amazing so I had an idea of what to expect. I wanted to write a little bit about it … Continue reading Yelp Elite Event: The Bird SF


Sunset At Half Moon Bay

Today I got the chance to revisit the beautiful Half Moon Bay again. I came here before for my aunt's wedding and found the place extremely lovely (but very windy/cold!!). Originally, I planned on going to the swings at Kirby Cove but they were destroyed recently because of all the wind and rain we got in SF this … Continue reading Sunset At Half Moon Bay

A Day at the SF MOMA

San Francisco has been pouring for the longest time and this was the first weekend that Keegan and I could spend time together (he's been studying really hard for the GMAT the past few months so weekends were solely for studying). We originally wanted to go hiking but decided to do something indoors when we … Continue reading A Day at the SF MOMA

Bite of Tokyo

My first ever food blog post!  It seemed like the entire world went to Japan this winter! If you have not had the chance to visit this amazing country, I highly, HIGHLY recommend it. And what better way to experience a place than try out some of its food? Here are my suggestions on where … Continue reading Bite of Tokyo