For 5 months, Keegan and I have been waiting for our Europe trip and we finally got back to the States yesterday from the long-awaited trip! 🙂 We got to go to 4 beautiful cities: London, Paris, Vienna, and Amsterdam!! It was my first time in some of these cities and it was a much-needed break. A little sad to be back to reality so soon but I wanted to log each city from memory!

First up on the list is LONDON ❤ Such an awesome city and a great way to start off our trip.

We arrived in the early afternoon and immediately checked into our hotel and rushed off to Sketch, a place with a highly-coveted afternoon tea. I managed to snag the last time-slot for tea at 4:30pm and we made it just on time! The great thing about Sketch is that you get unlimited refills on anything (except alcohol) so if you like a certain cake/sandwich/tea, you can ask for more. They even have a take-out option so take advantage of every pound you spend!


Also, don’t forget to go to their bathrooms which are a must for every Instagram-fanatic.

Another favorite of mine was strolling through Hyde Park and seeing the huge lake with swans and we even found an area with gorgeous cherry blossom trees!


We also got the chance to see Big Ben and Westminster before the terrible attack three days later 😦 My heart goes out to everyone affected and it was so surreal when I saw it on the news. I hope this doesn’t deter people from still visiting the place!

On our third and final day, we spent half the day at the Tower of London. There were quite a few tourists here so lots of things had a line (plus it was freezing!). We got to see the crown jewels and learn about the history of the castle.

Next up on the list is PARIS!! I’ll write about my adventures there in a day or two. Hope everyone had a great week as well!

Tiffany ❤



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