Long Distance Relationships

I was inspired to write something about this after a fellow blogger posted about this topic and it’s been an experience that I wanted to share for a while. I post about Keegan here a lot so I thought it’d be nice to tell our story — the abridged version. He and I have been in a relationship for 3.5 years, 3 of which were spent on opposite sides of the country. He was working in New York City and I was still in college in Los Angeles. The experience wasn’t easy but I don’t regret my decision one bit.

We met during my freshman year in college while I was attending the University of Michigan. We were both in the same club at the time but because we were 3 years apart, and he had a girlfriend at the time, we didn’t really talk. I remember really respecting their relationship and actually looked up to his girlfriend at the time! 🙂 We finally started talking before the summer vacation came around and we were on the same flight home (we are both from Southern California). That was when he asked if I wanted to hang out more and we saw each other a few times before our summer internships started. Those are memories I’ll cherish forever.

The summer of 2013 was when we really got to know each other and deal with distance. Keegan’s internship was in NYC and mine was in Hong Kong. Luckily (and surprisingly), his internship had rigorous hours where he would go home at 3am which was 3pm at my time. He told me that, at the time, I was the only one he could talk to because all his friends were asleep! In a way, the huge time difference worked in our favor.

After the summer, I had made the decision to go back to LA for school so I had to make one last trip to Michigan to collect my belongings. It was really sad to say bye to all my friends but I was especially afraid of losing touch with Keegan because I was moving away. My last night in Michigan, we went out for dinner and he asked me to be his girlfriend despite the fact that the next morning was my flight home. I never thought I could handle a LDR but I said yes because my gut feeling was everything will work out.


And it did! Again, his job in New York required him to work long hours and he would come home after 12am, which after 9pm my time. It was perfect because we could still squeeze in time to be together. Now, we finally moved to the same city and get to experience a “normal” relationship hahaha Looking back, our relationship worked out because of A LOT of trust/understanding of each other’s space…and a sprinkle of sheer luck! LDRs aren’t for everyone and it’s definitely not a road filled with daisies and flowers. They constantly test how much you love one another and the experience is really humbling. I saw myself mature very quickly but also learned to deal with hardships at a whole new level.

A tip for anyone who is going through a LDR or about to start one is this: don’t forget about the people around you. Please, still make an effort to spend time with them because they are your support system when your SO isn’t around! Keep each other informed on what you’ll be doing and respect that your SO has friends besides you. Support them and they will support you too. And when their friends respect you for letting your SO do something besides Skyping/calling you, it’s a win-win situation.

Listen to your gut feeling and if it’s the right person, you will know it.

Tiffany ❤



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