First Time Skiing

Watch my experience here:

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Last week, Keegan and I went up to Lake Tahoe to go skiing. I’ve always been afraid of skiing so I never had an interest in going and I’ve also heard many horror stories 😦 It just didn’t seem worth it for me, considering I will probably (most definitely) hurt myself.

In hindsight, I’m really glad I decided to go because the trip was really memorable and I felt so accomplished by the end of it. As you get older and busier with life, chances to learn something new are scarce to none. Now I can say I know how to ski! 🙂 I did end up hurting myself, as expected, but I regret NOTHING.

If you’re a beginner like me, I highly recommend paying the extra bucks for lessons. They can get pricey but it’s important to set up a good foundation. I had Keegan (who has skied before) do the lessons with me and the instructor gave hi great pointers on improving his technique. The first day was really chill and I only fell once (haha). It just felt so nice making it down the bunny slope for the very first time AND being able to stop at the bottom!

The second day was significantly more eventful. We were taught how to master turning right and turning left in class. I actually slid into Keegan like a bowling ball and knocked him over hahaha After the lesson ended, Keegan and I decided to take the ski lift up the mountain for some lunch. Unfortunately, to get the the lunch area, you had to ski yourself down a pretty steep slope and we both fell in the process LOL at least lunch was good though!

After lunch, we decided to hit a green slope nearby. Bad idea though because, being a beginner, I still haven’t fully mastered stopping…especially if you’re traveling at high speeds. And so, I faceplanted at the bottom. See a pattern yet? At this point though, I was bruised but still excited to try again. We took the lift up the same slope and gave it another go. However, to get on that slope, there was another super steep slope and this time I lost control and hit a pole 😥 After that, I really wanted to just take off my skis and go home because I was both embarrassed and really frightened. Keegan urged me to try one more time and that he would be with me every step down. We ended up zigzagging reaaaally slowly down the hill and I fell AGAIN lol..but I made it down 🙂

Despite falling many times and hurting myself, I never felt so accomplished when I was on the car ride home. I ACTUALLY DID IT! Moral of the story: If you don’t get hurt while learning to ski, you’re not pushing yourself. Jk but in all honesty, be safe and cautious while doing any sports and if you’re starting to feel tired, stop and take a breather. And most importantly, let go of your fears and have fun!

Tiffany ❤



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