My Decision To Start Youtubing

Yep! It’s happening! My channel is up and running and I’d love for you to check it out! 🙂

It’s always been on the back of my mind to start something on Youtube but the fear of people judging me held me back for a long time. I lived a large part of my life thinking that I had to live up to some sort of image in order to fit in. But then I started meeting some amazing people who just had this unique spark that made me really want to be their friends! And then I realized that my logic was backwards. I shouldn’t need to stress myself over a group of people surrounding me because true friends will never judge you for who you are.

After creating this blog, I realized how much I enjoy sharing little bits and pieces of my life–not because I like making my personal life public but because it helps me feel more connected with those around me.

Long story short, my move away from LA has allowed me to really focus on who I want to be as a person and thus, my channel was born. I want my videos to both challenge me creatively and mentally. Putting yourself out there isn’t easy but a little vulnerability has always been a good thing for me!

The whole recording process was really new to me and it felt weird at first. I don’t like selfies so it felt awkward recording my own face. (You might have noticed that my first video was primarily of my shoes or of my surroundings.) I was also very new to editing but I gained a lot of inspiration from my favorite youtubers. Once I got down to editing, I was surprised to find that the software was surprisingly easy to use and that there was so much you could do! I have only scratched the surface of Final Cut Pro and I’m already proud of the work I’ve created.


I hope this gives you a glimpse of my experience with creating videos so far. Let me know what you think about my channel if you get the chance to see it!

Tiffany ❤


5 thoughts on “My Decision To Start Youtubing

  1. I love the way you edit your video. It is simple to watch! I love these vlog style video a lot! I think it is also easier for you to film for first few video since you don’t need to sit still and keep talking to the camera XD But I am looking forward to your future video.

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