Thunderstorm + Trump

This morning at 4:30am, I woke up from a sudden clash outside in my living room. I quickly realized that heavy gusts of wind were blowing the blinds in every possible direction and I quickly told Keegan to close the window. Not before long, a huge roll of thunder rang in the distance and I covered myself with the blanket. I’ve never been a fan of thunder–in fact, I’ve always been afraid of it. I remember spending nights by myself and having to stick earphones into my ears, turn the volume up loud, and hope that the music would dull out the sound of the thunder. I would also try to squeeze my stuffed animal against my ear to muffle any outside noise. Then I would stay very still until I fell asleep again.

This morning was not a great start to my day. Even though the storm lasted about 7 minutes, it made me feel uneasy. I watched a part of Trump’s inauguration event but couldn’t actually watch him make his speech because I was on the way to work. I heard that he did a good job but…I can’t say so myself because I didn’t see it.

But what bothered me this morning wasn’t Trump himself, it was the people in the comments section of the video I was watching. So many people were attacking each other and I couldn’t believe some of the things that people were saying. It reinforced my belief that we all live within our own bubbles and very few actually try to venture out and explore other people’s POVs, including myself. In America, we seldom talk about our views on politics in public because it’s some sort of taboo topic that we keep to ourselves. Why is that? 😦

I can openly say that I did not vote for Trump but I do recognize him as my president. Whether we like it or not, he represents our country and his failure means our failure too. I hope that in the near future he can bridge this large divide in the American people and that his so-called “freshness” to the capital can bring some good change.

Tiffany ❤


One thought on “Thunderstorm + Trump

  1. When it comes to Trump, I’m definitely not happy either. It doesn’t seem like anything good will come from him being POTUS but I’m trying to stay hopeful. It’s hard. >.< Speaking of thunder, it was pretty bad here in Georgia this morning too. I heard there's going to be a tornado in the area. Stay safe wherever you are! x

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