Yelp Elite Event: The Bird SF

Yesterday I got the chance to go to The Bird in San Francisco for my very first Yelp Elite event in SF! I’ve only been to one other elite event in LA and that one was amazing so I had an idea of what to expect. I wanted to write a little bit about it on my blog and also about my experience so far as a Yelp Elite 🙂

Those looking for my review can find it here:

I also figured I would do a little tribute about it here on my blog because this is the third time I’ve gone to The Bird. When I think of grabbing lunch, I usually go for something with rice like Indian food or Chipotle. Asian roots whatsup. But when I made the trip to The Bird (~two blocks from the office) and posted a pic on my foodstagram (@teafannieats), I got so many questions and comments about how it tasted! Turns out, I stumbled upon one of the most popular chicken sandwich places in San Fran!

At the event yesterday, I got the chance to meet so many Yelp buddies 🙂 Some were veterans who have been elite for over 5 years and some had just gotten their badges! I love being around people who are foodies because no one judges you when you pull out your phone to snap multiple pics of the food!! Everyone was so nice and welcoming that we quickly felt at home and that’s what’s so great about Yelp.

I’ll be honest and say that I fell behind on my reviews last year because I didn’t see an incentive to posting on Yelp anymore. I had started my foodstagram and the community there was great too! But I’m glad yesterday happened because the event has rekindled my love for reviewing food and meeting more foodie friends.

Do you have any favorite restaurants in SF? Are you a Yelp Elite? I want to know! 🙂

Tiffany ❤



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