Sunset At Half Moon Bay

Today I got the chance to revisit the beautiful Half Moon Bay again. I came here before for my aunt’s wedding and found the place extremely lovely (but very windy/cold!!). Originally, I planned on going to the swings at Kirby Cove but they were destroyed recently because of all the wind and rain we got in SF this week 😥 SO SAD!! Nonetheless, Keegan and I had a fun time even though our faces and hands became frozen within ten minutes from the wind.

This morning was definitely a slow one. My cousin (Nicole) and aunt came to visit but because Nicole was still sick, they decided to stay home. Keegan and I got dim sum for lunch and headed off to HMB at around 3PM. When we got to the beach, it was just a little before sunset so we got to snap some really cool pictures!

The wind was blowing so hard that we could only take pics like these to avoid crazy hair situations hahaha

After the sunset, we explored some of the little shops by the beach and grabbed some sweets for a snack. The cannolis at Half Moon Bay Bakery were so yummy but I sadly didn’t snap a picture. After looking in a few more shops, Keegan took me bowling and I was SO bad that he beat me while playing with his left hand!! 😡 I think he was secretly trying to let me win but I just sucked too much hahaha but that’s okay because I got to see Keegan get super happy when he hit all his pins and watch me make a few strikes of my own! 🙂

Finally, after about an hour of playing, we went home to eat with Nicole and aunty 🙂 We had some Chinese food at Koi Palace and afterwards decided it was time to go home. Short post but I thought these pictures were worth remembering. If you’ve never been to Half Moon Bay, I recommend checking out the beach if you’re nearby! It isn’t very crowded and people like to take their S/Os or family here to enjoy the view.

Tiffany ❤


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