My 23rd Birthday: Growing Up

Quick post about turning 23 yesterday. It started feeling like any other day and ended just like any other day–nothing entirely special, and yet it was the best birthday yet. I realized I’ve been living life with way too many expectations and it was nice just putting on a regular face of makeup, strolling to work, grabbing a coffee, and having dinner with Keegan. It was the first time where I felt, hey, I don’t need a huge bouquet of flowers or a $$$$ restaurant to make me happy. For a moment there, I felt sad that I’ve had this way of thinking up until 2017. Sure, which girl doesn’t like all those nice things…but that’s not what’s important. You don’t need to wait until your birthday to splurge and feel great about yourself because you’re allowed to have that any day!

I want to live my life from now on in the same manner I spent my 23rd birthday. No expectations (plus side: everything exceeds expectations haha) and just taking moments as they come along. Happy 2017 guys 🙂

Tiffany ❤


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