A Day at the SF MOMA

San Francisco has been pouring for the longest time and this was the first weekend that Keegan and I could spend time together (he’s been studying really hard for the GMAT the past few months so weekends were solely for studying). We originally wanted to go hiking but decided to do something indoors when we checked that the weather would be 100% rain this weekend. Thus, we headed for SF MOMA! The museum is pretty pricey at $25/adult (below 18 is free) but it is what it is..

I wouldn’t consider myself a museum person but they’re definitely growing on me. I’ve come to appreciate more art as I get older. Personally, I like larger pieces of art that I can interact with instead of a painting on the wall but it was cool getting to share this experience with Keegan for the first time. As many of you know by now, Keegan and I were in a long distance relationship for about the first three years of our relationship. We never really had the chance for “normal” dates, so to speak, so yes, we’ve never been to a museum together! It was always about finding ways to spend the most time together while having fun (like a trip to Disneyland for example). Needless to say, I’m glad I got to take him along with me 🙂

oops..sorry Keegan haha didn’t see those strings!

My favorite exhibit was the “Stillness in Motion–Cloud Cities” exhibit by Tomas Seraceno. It is a room filled with intertwining strings and shapes. I compared it to things caught in a spider web. Sadly, Keegan really did not like this exhibit because the shapes reminded him too much of his GMAT geometry questions HAH!

We walked from the 6th floor down to the 2nd and stopped for a cup of coffee at the coffee bar on the 3rd floor. They serve Sightglass Coffee, which is a cool coffee shop in SF! Been meaning to check out their main store for a while but sadly, it’s a way off from where I usually am so I was happy I could try it here!

Keegan and I loved this one exhibit that I sadly cannot remember the name of 😦 The artist compiled pictures of a city into one portrait to create a bird’s-eye view of the city from above! How cool is that? There were so many people crowding around the SF picture that I could only grab this shot. We also saw pictures of London and Tokyo among the collection 🙂 I wish there was a Hong Kong one!

Cool bird’s-eye view of SF!

I’m so happy I got to spend a chill Saturday with Keegan. After the museum, we went to check out a little street in Berkeley and they still had Christmas decorations!

Then, we met up with a friend of Keegan’s and returned home to watch Ip Man 2 🙂 Safe to say that I really needed this Saturday. It’s been too long since we could have a casual outing with nothing to worry about.

Tiffany ❤


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