Bite of Tokyo

My first ever food blog post! 

It seemed like the entire world went to Japan this winter! If you have not had the chance to visit this amazing country, I highly, HIGHLY recommend it. And what better way to experience a place than try out some of its food? Here are my suggestions on where you should dine and some tips from yours truly 😉

Gyukatsu Motomura

Starting this post with the highlight of the trip: gyukatsu or quite simply, fried beef. Upon sitting down at your seat, you choose the amount of beef you want (I recommend the smaller portion so you can eat other things later) and whether you want grated yam (100 yen extra, goes on top of the rice, I’d recommend skipping this).

I have to say that I had doubts about liking this place because I’m not a huge katsu fan but oh was I wrong. You get your own little hot plate where you cook the beef that has already been freshly fried and cut beforehand. The beef is so tender that you only need to sear it for a little bit (I did it for 30-45 secs/side) depending on how you like your beef. Then simply enjoy as the meat melts in your mouth in all its glory. Enjoy 🙂

Tip: Get here when it opens. No joke. I got to the Shibuya location 15 mins after it opened and there was already a 20 minute wait. When I left, the line was upwards of 2 hours!

Royal Garden Cafe Aoyama

Wouldn’t be able to put it better than what my friend said: “This looks like what pancakes aspire to be like.” I thought that statement was so true and NO they aren’t fake! These “hotcakes” are perfection on a plate. They are slightly crispy on the outside and incredibly fluffy on the inside! However, despite being fluffy, they’re pretty dense and soak up all that buttery/syrupy goodness. Enjoy!

My family got here around 11 for brunch but there was already a line. The restaurant tries to keep its interior very spacious so there aren’t a lot of tables considering how large the entire cafe is. Smaller parties also get seated quicker but we didn’t mind waiting.

Tip: Think finger sandwiches if you are going to order their sandwiches. It’s more of an afternoon tea type setting where people come for a chat & snack. For a party of 5 we ordered 2 drinks, 2 pancakes, 2 sandwiches, and 1 omelette. It was just enough to keep us full but not bloated. I also encourage you to share the pancakes!

Cremia Ice Cream

I’ve already had so many friends message me about how amazing Cremia is!! This is an absolute must-try in Japan. It is a soft serve (or “silk cream” as they call it) and it’s so good you’ll probably wonder why it doesn’t exist in the States 😦 Or if it does, please let me know because I WANT!

Here I got the coffee powdered one but the normal one would have been amazing too. The soft serve is served on top of a thinly rolled buttery-cookie that rivals how good the soft serve is. Still can’t choose which part of the dessert is better…

Tip: You can find Cremia at many of the cafes around Tokyo so I don’t see a reason to make a trip to their actual shop. I got this at a random cafe that posted a large picture of the Cremia soft serve. However, the actual shop does serve items that you can’t find elsewhere so that is entirely up to you 🙂


Two French classics coupled together in harmony: creme brûlée and crepe. Oh if only I could tell you how amazing my first bite was!! I didn’t expect a dessert like this to be so well done in Asia and I was blown away. You can find this in Harajuku, so be sure to grab it while you’re shopping 🙂

Tsukiji Market: Tamago (Egg) on a Stick

My family couldn’t make it to the market for sushi breakfast so we wandered into a random sushi shop that wasn’t worth 😦 So sad…if you have the chance to visit the market soon, you should because they’re moving it for the Olympics and who knows what it’ll be like after that.

However, I did get the chance to try the tamago on a stick which was amazing. It’s nothing like those cold tamagotchi sushis you get in the restaurant. This one is freshly made so it’s still hot! Slightly sweet and slightly salty :):):) YUMMM.

Last thoughts…

If you made it this far down the post, I’m sending you a million air kisses through the phone! Or hugs if that’s your thing XOXO

I guess I just wanted to end this post with my overall thoughts on the whole trip. I’ve gone to Tokyo before but never without a tour so this was a first. We lived in a cute Airbnb in Asakusa which is another district in Tokyo. We got to sleep in tatamis and experience how locals lived! I picked up hiragana and katakana as a kid and have a few Chinese words under my belt so it was cool getting to read some of the non-English signs 🙂 I felt a sort of accomplishment and happiness as I walked through this energetic city. I’ll definitely be back, Tokyo. But for now it’s back to reality and work for awhile.

Tiffany ❤


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